The primary and secondary ladding. The illecity of taxes.

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Money Inversion; -the correct definition of inflation and its neutralization as a result of the decline in costs. The necessity of money.

Covered by the judiciary, central banks, including the Bank of Italy (BI) and the incredibly private European Central Bank (ECB), are practicing the crime of primary mistreatment, while lending banks still have the most severe secondary signage . Madness that the ‘dome’ recycles through its interbank stations. Since it has been secreted since the Republic’s birth in Parliament’s acts (with omissis), it has been discovered that BI is private (about 85% banks, 10% insured, 5% INPS) as large Part of the other central banks; Including the ECB, which is about 15% of BI. The particularity of which, since it has been discovered, tries to diminish the relevance, but which is the root of evil. Primary mastermind of central banks that consists of the following. 1) When creating money at the cost of typography or with a click (since 1929 there is no need for gold, but it is a fairy tale that needs it first). Banknotes ignored by quantity, being the numbers that have non-progressive and dark meaning. 2) Use them (to the ‘facial’ value) to ‘buy’ (it’s more a ‘discount’, but it’s actually a fraud) by the States equaling the amount of public debt securities. 3) Making a false pharaonic in the budget by entering the ‘facial’ amount of the banknotes created by the null for the so-called ‘balance’ by entering the securities. False through which the dome that controls and ‘behind’ the banks accomplishes two further goals: one, stealing even the shares of the private shareholders of the central banks the proceeds of the same cheer; Two, a far greater tax evasion than paid or escaped from the rest of the company; Because (said that taxes are, as we shall see, illegal) at 50%, it amounts to half the money created. Primary and secondary juveniles who are the cause of both inflation and tax, which also serve to rule on citizens, criminalized as evaders, recyclers, and so on. Primary mistress who makes the ‘public debt’ responsible for the dome, having it (not the state) paid the fee. Catastrophic phenomena including inflation, which is far from what is believed, is because it is the result of money production by forgers. If, in fact, the money is 100, and a falsary (it is a fake anyone who produces money but it is not the state, so the banks) creates another 100, when it put them into circulation (spends them), steals half the wealth and having Brought 200 the money, causing an ‘inflation’ of 50%. Inflation that does not occur if the state is to make money and put it into circulation by spending it, because in this case the expense of the expense goes to the community, which will see the money put into circulation by the wealth it takes (also made Rights, salaries, pensions, etc.). That is why public wealth and money will grow. Money that then only invades if it is introduced by the state, while it is false if introduced by individuals. The phenomenon of the inflow of money that I have defined myself and without understanding which can not really understand the terrible valor of the ladyship. So I define inflation as the phenomenon occurs when, having phantoms introduced by spending money, they have caused an increase in global money and the percentage of wealth of their property, and a corresponding decrease in the power to buy money and property wealth Of the community. To eliminate mournfulness, however, is not enough for central banks to be public; It is also necessary to prevent the foregoing fake budget. If, in fact, we have one unit of wealth each and create as many banknotes to divide one by one, it does not change
Nothing: we remain owners of that unity of wealth; Except that, thanks to the money, we can use it better. I mean, if money is created to be the symbolic equivalent of wealth, it can only be accounted for in assets. By registering it with the passive, as if it were something of a bank and other than the wealth to symbolize it being put into circulation by spending it, it’s just a way to steal it. A framework in which, if a bank lends money to a citizen, he does not owe them either because the bank (false) has nothing to do with it, and because the money paid to the citizen will receive it from the community, It (to the state) that will have to return the money. Therefore, in order to legitimize bank credit, it is necessary to first confiscate and nationalize them, otherwise their bad debts, such as creditors ‘and fraudsters’ claims. Signorship whose elimination will make the state very rich by dropping the dramatic demonetization driven by the banks to dominate us. Because social suffering is the result of having the dome – mother of consumerism – made it compulsory to have money and spend it as it wants (tributes), punishing the various violent forms of social expulsion. Crimes that violate Articles of Penal Code n. 241, 283, 648 bis, 501, 501 bis, 416, 61 o to pay interest on debt. While money is produced by the state without causing inflation, it should be printed as much as necessary, thus increasing trade and economy. Primary masterpiece to which the secondary is added, with which credit banks, through the ‘monetary multiplier’, according to the practice that a bogus and corrupt regime doctrine takes for granted but are the highest of the crime, make loans for a sum of 50 Times greater than the money they hold. In essence, if Tito pays a 100,000 euro bank, it will hold about 2% (counts the concept) as a reserve, and will pay 98%, which, once deposited in another bank, will be liable to cascade to 98 %. As long as the bank lender, through loans every time less than 2%, will reset 100,000 euros, but will make loans for 5,000,000 on which will also interest fifty, instead of the only service fee. Interest to the money owners, and the state for fifty-fifty-dollar loans, while now constituting a money creation for the benefit of the banks that comes to each ‘payment’ or payment with checks, credit cards, credit transfers etc. Secondary ladyship whose revenue does not even go to the shareholders, but they are again subtracted from the dome through false budget complexes and tricks whose actual assessment requires that a specialized magisterium finally enter its powers into the depths of the system rather than covering it. False money that causes continuous inflation, invisible by the parallel decrease in production and commercial costs. This while the hedge trunks inverted money that it uses for the most part to ‘buy’ the money to be waged or to pay interest on the debt. It is a tribute that, when the state creates money for itself, it can be reduced to a single tax (the costs of the use of things are to some extent dependent on those who are good), which we could call the ‘general’ . ‘General’ that – without compensation between giving and having – could vary from 1% to 20% in case. Signature to be eliminated, without the need for changes to treaties: -a) pursuing bank crimes, such as the fake in the budget; -b) criminally confiscating BI’s private ownership shares, and so also that approximately 15% of the ECB’s BI, opening the eyes of the world; -c) balancing passive and active rates so that they go to the owners of the money, and to the state those multiplier fruit. Banking interests I often wear. Wearing that is the extreme form of secondary signage. Treaties, agreements and tax systems written by banks, with which they have attempted to delegitimize the economic sovereignty of States to re-assimilate them, but without being able to succeed, because it remains in conflict with all the legal principles.
Alfonso Luigi Marra
(Translation: Daniel Evangelista)