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Before going on to explain what is the frequency at 432 Hertz I hope that at the end of the article you find the desire to deepen independently the research of this topic, so you need to acquire some more detailed information about the “suppression” of specific information about music in general, starting from the basic instrument of the measure: the Diapason. Although this is a very well-known tool, both to newcomers and non-musicians, it is practically unknown, so it is good to remember what it is and why it is so important in this sound revolution. The term Diapason has different meanings, but more commonly indicates an instrument, which if struck, is able to generate a standard note, which oscillates at the precise frequency of 440 Hz (herz). Frequency that today is adopted for the standard tuning of all electronic musical instruments, which are put on the market.
It is also a tool used in medicine, to perform several acoustic tests. Small tuning forks have also been used for the generation of fixed frequencies, in some security systems, such as those of trains on our railway networks. The Greeks instead used the term diapason to indicate what is today called octave, or the interval between a note and the other of double frequency. The etymology of the term derives from the Greek “dià pasòn”, and means exactly: through all (the notes). Therefore, before beginning to grant our instrument we should understand that the Diapason is first and foremost a scientific instrument. Or at least it should!

The so-called “scientific diapason” was approved unanimously at the Italian musicians’ conference of 1881, and proposed by physicists Sauveur, Meerens, Savart, and by Italian scientists Montanelli and Grassi Landi, and was calculated on a central DO of 256 cycles per year. second. The “race to the sharp” began instead with the unilateral adoption of a higher LA (at 440 Hz) by the Russian and Austrian military bands, at the time of Wagner. This diapason was accepted by convention in London in 1939, without giving any scientific justification, and from there on all became uniform.
What has been done, then, is a deliberate alteration of the frequencies, which has consequently led to a forced crack in the musical harmonies. Why was this done? It could be a simple choice dictated by taste, or the possibility remains that there are hidden motivations.

Science today tells us that in the Universe everything is energy in vibration. The vibratory rhythm of an object, including the human body, is called “resonance”, while a sound is “the vibration of an elastic body, which is transmitted to the surrounding element (air), and propagates by vibrating with sympathy, not only with the instruments of the same note, but also with multiples and submultiples of its frequency “. On the basis of what has been said so far, it is possible to hypothesize that the disharmony dictated by a too acute diapason can be one of the causes of the many antisocial behaviors present in our society. Suffice it to say that about 99% of the musical productions that we hear daily through the media, in phonographic supports (CD / DVD) and in the network, have a base at 440 Hz.
Graham H. Jackson, “Steiner” musician and teacher, spent most of his life searching for the spiritual foundations of harmony. In his book “The Spiritual Basis of Musical Harmony”, Graham recounts the life and experiences of the “tuning priestess” Maria Renold. Maria was engaged in a research and experimentation based on the study of the different tunings, and the related objective effects found on the public. The musician says that when his piano was tuned to 432 Hz, the bystanders not only observed an increase in the richness of the timbre and the quality of the tone, but also that the sound seemed to come from some unspecified points in the middle of the room, rather than piano itself. This refers to the famous “free etheric tone”, often quoted by Rudolf Steiner. A sort of additional harmonic, which would operate in resonance with the instrument.

During some musical experiments, Maria Renold also noted that through the normal standard pitch based on a 440 Hz LA, listeners in the room began to assume polemical and antisocial behavior. On the other hand, when the pitch was at 432 Hz, the same people, once again invited to listen to the same piece, remained pleasantly affected this time. For over twenty years Renold, interviewing and testing more than two thousand people, was able to see that over 90% of subjects preferred a priori the lowest tone, formed by a normal scale based on a 256 Hz DO and on an LA at 432 Hz.
Today, electronic musicians from all over the world are finally exchanging the necessary information, which combines Fractal’s musical theory with 432 Hz tuning, so that they can begin to compose their music in a coherent manner and in harmony with the human heart (heartbeats), the double helix of DNA (replication frequency), the bi-hemispheric synchronization of the brain, the fundamental frequency of Schumann resonance, and the musical geometry of “creation”.


Laurent Rosenfeld wrote the article “How the Nazis ruined musical tuning”, published in the September 1988 issue of the journal Executive Intelligence Review. Rosenfeld noted that it was Radio Berlin, spokesman for Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who organized a conference in 1939 to solicit the 440-hertz standard. This conference laid the foundations for the 1955 decision to officially establish this standard.
Goebbels had already approved this tuning as a standard for Germany, but it was already widespread at the time of the Wagnerian military bands. According to some scholars, the choice of 440 hz was the result of research in which it was found that 432 hz generally relaxed the minds, while 440 hz were able to trigger more violent reactions among soldiers’ troops.


Through the tuning of the LA to 432 we get to a Cd of 256Hz, and within this scale 8 Hz become the 27th supra of DO. For the principle of harmonics according to which multiples and submultiples of that frequency are added to a produced sound, the Do’s of the other octaves will begin to vibrate by “sympathy”, naturally resonating the frequency of 8Hz.


  • 8Hz is the fundamental “beating” of the planet, known as “fundamental resonance of Schumann cavities”;
    8 Hz is the frequency on which the molecule of DMT operates, a hallucinogenic substance produced by our pineal gland;
    8 Hz is the frequency of replication of human DNA and 8 Hz is also the rhythm of the brain’s Alpha waves in which our “parallel processors”, or bi-hemispheres of the brain, are synchronized to work together;
    From Kepler’s laws, we know that the planetary arrangement of our solar system follows the 256 Hz DO tuning scale, and the latter are even an octave within Sierpinski’s Triangular Fractal.


Ananda Bosman states that the neocortex, for 90% “unassigned”, is awakened in this synchronization, operating in all cell dentrals with the maximum information flow for that scale. “Ordinary” awareness waves vary from 14 to 40 Hz. In this range only a few brain cell deregulations that predominantly use the left hemisphere as the center of activity, where the information flow is billions of times weaker. A bit like when using an old 386 processor compared to a latest generation Pentium. In other words, at 8 Hz each of us could operate exactly like a super-computer as explained in The Power of 8Hz – Development faculty and exceptional perceptions.


Many researchers and musicians have experienced this benefit so much to support vigorously that the Natural Tuning is given only by synchronizing on the LA at 432Hz. This frequency already belonged to the human past (see ancient Greek and Egyptian instruments) was replaced by the common 440Hz in 1953 in London (after the attempt of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, in 1939, to obtain the same result).

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger

Many supporters of the so-called tuning aurea: from Mozart to Pink Floyd to Mick Jagger, singer of the Rolling Stones at an international level, while in Italy from Ananda Bosman, Flavia Vallega, Andrea Doria to Riccardo Tristano Tuis. It was also supported by Verdi, and more recently by Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi in a letter of 1884, addressed to the musical commission of the Italian government, which was unsuccessful in his attempt, spoke of a reduction that he too would have seen, from the “normal” chorus of 435Hz to a 432Hz chorister , writing in this regard a sentence of considerable importance: “for mathematical needs”.
Maria Renold (1917 – 2003) in his interesting work entitled “Intervals, Scales, Tones and the Concert pich C 128Hz”, in which with data of great charm and scientific richness in Pythagorean terms among other vital information the 128Hz and 432Hz leading the reader to the fruits of his multi-year research, indicating the importance of LA 432Hz.
In concerts performed with instruments tuned to the La at 440 Hz, listeners assumed polemical, antisocial attitudes. But the same listeners, invited to listen to the same concert, this time performed with instruments set on a La 432 hz, they acquired a positive attitude, if not enthusiastic.
Not only that, 9 out of 10 listeners appreciated more the second concert, even if they did not know how to indicate the reason.


Many doctors and scholars assert that the reason a part of the body becomes ill is because its frequency has changed and, consequently, the body vibrates in a disharmonic way. According to these scientists, being healthy is a harmonious vibrating in unison. If the correct resonance frequency of a healthy organ is known and projected onto the diseased part, the organ can return to its normal frequency and then heal. If, on the contrary, a disharmonic frequency is projected onto a healthy body, it becomes ill.

432 HZ tuning

432 HZ tuning
432Hz music being tuned to the harmony frequencies of our body’s biochemical processes sustains and activates the healing process. At the so-called frequency of the universe, numerous psychophysical benefits are associated .. we can define it as a “healing power”. Sound waves, in fact, modify body characteristics such as breathing, heartbeat, sweating, brainwaves and neuro-endocrine response, stimulating the balance and relaxation of the mind and body.

432HZ Chakra



The 432 Hz music not only produces a more beautiful and enveloping sound but we find it in the environment that surrounds us and in our body. In fact, a central DO of the piano tuned to the frequency of 440 Hz is 261.262 Hz, while pitched at 432 is 256 HZ. With the 432 Hz tuning if we move towards the lower and lower octaves we will find a 128 Hz DO, one at 64 Hz, one at 32 Hz, one at 16 Hz and one at 8 Hz. For the principle of harmonics according to which multiples and submultiples of that frequency are added to a produced sound, also the Do’s of the other octaves will begin to vibrate for “sympathy”, naturally resonating the frequency of 8Hz.

The power of 432 Hz lies precisely in the fact of producing the frequency of 8 Hz:
The vibrational frequency of hydrogen, which is 90% of our body and is the most widespread compound in the universe, is 8Hz. So with 432 Hz music we vibrate to the intrinsic vibration of matter;
The fundamental “beating” of the planet, known as “Schumann resonance” is about 8 Hz: it is the global electromagnetic resonance in the cavity that is between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. So if we are crossed by 8 Hz we reconnect and amplify the natural vibration to which we belong and therefore defend us from the extraneous vibrations produced by the electromagnetic fields of the electrical and electronic devices that surround us;
The pineal gland is activated directly by the frequency of 8 Hz, stimulating healing, the slowing down of aging, the production of anti-tumor substances, improving sleep and accelerating the evolution of consciousness;
The melatonin under 8 Hz induces the mitotic replication of DNA, strengthening the repair of DNA damage due to old age and even regeneration;
The frequency of replication of the double helix human DNA is 8 Hz. A team of Italian American researchers led by biologist Carlo Ventura and physicist James Gimzewski have shown that DNA vibrates at a certain frequency during its replication. So the DNA if crossed by this frequency avoids producing the cellular damages that are at the base of the tumor cells;
The frequency of the brain’s Alpha waves in which the cerebral hemispheres are synchronized to work together in the same way, receiving the maximum information flow is 8 Hz;
The hippocampus, area of ​​the limbic brain used for memory functions, survival and spatial navigation, resonates at a frequency of 8 Hz. The malfunction of this area is linked to Alzheimer’s, memory deficits, dyspraxia and other diseases;
The subsonic healing frequency emitted by dolphins and whales is 8 Hz;
The Merovingians, the Templars, the Lotus, the Infinite, the I Ching, all have the symbol of 8.
The 8 Hz are able to increase the predisposition to learn, inducing us to theta mode, a brain state that leads us to be creative and to have deep insights of a scientific, mystical or behavioral nature. The neocortex of the brain is awakened in this synchronization and the result is a harmonic compensation of the nervous system that generates relaxation and release from stress and increases mental faculties.


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