The deception of the dinosaurs


by Daniel Evangelista

Denti fossili Gideon Mantell
Denti fossili Gideon Mantell

In 1806 the naturalist and painter Charles Willson Peale designed for the first time a skeleton of a Mammoth found in the Orange county (the same bought and imported by the United States of America

by Johann Jakob Kaup in 1854), then in 1822 Gideon Mantell became responsible for a discovery and possible identification of the first fossils of teeth from which he invents (or is told to invent) without any scientific evidence the Iguanodon, that is, the first dinosaur.

There is no one in the world, today as then, that starting from the teeth manages to reconstruct a whole organic individual and looking at some details of the story that I am about to tell you and that I am still enriching with new readings and studies, I understand that things have taken a different turn, starting from one man, or better, from the one who has taken the trouble to appear as such: Richard Owen.

Richard Owen.
Richard Owen.

Probably we are dealing with a scammer who even if discovered such, instead of being exposed, found complicity in his malfeasance for purposes unknown to him but that allowed him to have that reputation and financial return to defend and perpetrate as we will see later further, its original mystification.

Richard Owen knew very well that a handful of scholars could have put an end to his dreams of glory and fortune, so he prolongs a lot so that this never happens, and we also know how in some cases Richard was working these actions:

One day Darwin, who had attended a year after Owen his own University of Edinburgh, have sent to Richard his book “Origin of Species”, where Darwin became famous with his own theory (among other things today widely proved to be false and still taught at school , but we do not go off topic we will have a chance to talk about this in the near future); Owen wrote to the author congratulating him on the work done even if he share his idea of putting the man at the same level of the beasts, as reply to him, however, what he did was to write anonymously an article that would discredit his theory by writing that Darwin had ignored Owen’s theories about archetypes that are transformed by divine will. In short, this character in addition to discrediting the figure of Darwin, wrong or right, seeks to ride its success by placing as its context in itself.

Another worthy action of praise to this swindler was to have made accessible to everybody the museums, previously intended only for scholars, to him we owe the fact that right in the National History Museum appeared the first comments close to the finds for explaining to the public what you were looking at, but its action probably should not have been so philanthropic at the origin, knew that if a lie is believed by a mass, that lie becomes difficult to overwhelm, everyone in the National Museum of Natural History could see and believe to the works of Owen making it unscratchable to criticisms such as those made lately by Thomas Huxley.

The errors to be attributed today to Owen are many and perhaps the most striking is the work of 1863 belonging to the discovery of the first bird that the same Owen published in that year, the exhibit reviewed in 1954 makes known as Owen had studied the finding turning up and down, ignoring an important feature, the sternum, which being flat prevented that being to fly but at most planar (like a hen) and that the skull was like that of a reptile.

Another mistake is made by declaring the discovery of the oldest giant fossil footprint in the world, the “Proticnite” of the Cambrian period, dated about 500 million years ago, turned out to be the fossil of a species similar to a sea cicada of our times.

In 1834 he became a member of the Royal Society and in 1858 became president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. His fame as a scientist is linked to his studies on fossils, in particular of reptiles; to him we owe the precise identification of the dinosaurs, to which he also attributed the term (Dinosauria, from the Greek δεινός, terrible and σαῦρος, lizard), also coining other new scientific terms such as “homology”.

But let’s move on and see how and who start riding the Owen wave.

Hadrosaurus Lithograph
Ossa di Hadrosaurus Foulkii

In 1838 in a quarry William Hopkins finds some strange bones that he keeps at home for twenty years before William Parker Foulke takes an interest in it and shows them to Joseph Leidy through a handful of incomplete bones (leg bones, pelvis, part of his feet , twenty-eight vertebrae, eight teeth and small pieces of jaw), declares to discover the first American dinosaur, the Hadrosaurus Foulkii, in that same year and at a suspicious speed. The skeleton of the dinosaur, is then reconstructed with plaster and a good work of imagination that we know today to be impossible with that few findings obtained.

Ricostruzione Hadrosaurus Foulkii
Ricostruzione di Hadrosaurus Foulkii

But today with all our knowledge and technology because we can not understand what is really happening?

Did you know that in order to date a dinosaur’s bone, it is generally not possible to examine the bone itself with carbon 14, because even using the most sophisticated machines and techniques you cannot date an organic fragment back to 70,000 years ago. So how they estimate this date? Simple, it is sufficient to establish the date based on the substrate of soil in which that bone was found. So if I wanted to hide a fake fossil, it would be enough for me to hide it in the right depth and perhaps they have become quite good on it.

Then turns out very strange as having a look at the geological scale of the evolution of the species. At some point snack from nothing, without a natural line on the past, a dinosaurs of fifty tons. As if a clam could become a hippopotamus in 200 million years without leaving a trace of this evolutionary passage.

Scala geologica
Scala geologica

There are much more to say but I prefere you let you find the rest ans see why this wicked little theater still continues today: money, an incredible montain of ​​money, do you know how much a dinosaur bone is worth? But one could say that nowadays there are thousands of experts who could prove their non-authenticity; it is true but before a museum should approve the study and if you’re not in the “club” do not even dream of it, then who determines the authenticity is never a group of independent physicists and chemists but rather a group of paleontologists often paid by some association etc., a bit like when a group of doctors paid by the tobacco association studies the effect on health by smoking sigarette. But it is only a matter of time as it was for the tobacco and the truth will come out, there are real factories of bones in some countries and you just need to see in which countries most of the findings take place to understand which countries we are talking about.

Paleontologists study on a blind one way, they have receiver a diploma or a degree for having diligently repeated well what the books to which they are subjected cite, the rest comes by itself. When a palaeontologist expresses himself against the system because he has made a discovery contrary to dogma, what happens? The same thing that happens to all those scientists who go against the interests of those who control that discipline, are silenced in many ways as we know, mocking them and not making them work anymore, or rarely when you can not do otherwise these people die in a such strange circumstances that burn every case with respect to the deaths of those who instead pursue this “status quo” of things.

The strange thing is that I see Catholic people, who therefore believe in the bible, believe in dinosaurs, is the maximum of mental conditioning, it would be like accepting to believe that we are a wolf and a lamb at the same time (but we do not go off topic, we will also be able to talk about this in the future).