Food ReLOVution

Food Relovution, this is the title of the latest effort from Director Thomas Torelli, tackles an issue very dear to me, that of the enormous, incredible and untenable environmental impact caused by the global meat consumption as food, a “culture” promoted especially by the US since the second world war onwards and is distributed mainly in the Western world. The subtitle reads “everything you eat has a consequence”, and this work shows it in all its drama: not only are the untold suffering inflicted on hundreds of thousands of innocent animals by modern intensive farming practices, but also the health consequences of the “consumers” (meat produced from cattle fed with food altogether unfit, crammed into a shocking hygienic conditions , pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, etc.) and that of our own planet (water resources to produce one kilo of meat are very high, we talk about 15,000 liters of water, and food are not to be outdone, with vast crops of soybeans worldwide intended only for animal consumption, and subtracted to the food production fit for human consumption destined to the millions of people who still suffer from malnutrition).

The great merit of this book is to stimulate deeply individual and collective awareness to the fact that we are all interconnected in an ecosystem that, because of the havoc caused by our unhealthy habits, soon will no longer be able to support us. As pointed out by Torelli, be aware that everything we eat has a consequence helps us understand the importance of our daily choices, “to spur us to take actions based on coherence, awareness, and love that comes from respect for life. The change we’ve been waiting for begins with ourselves. The choice is our greatest weapon, we learn to use it. Only then can we make a contribution to change the world. ” According to him, know what you eat is the only way to begin the revolution made with love, ben paraphrased in the title of his film.

“Also love only one of the three categories covered (yourself, environment, animals) will lead to an improvement. Not only personal. We must dispel the taboo that the behavior of the individual does not affect the total. Every drop makes the sea.”

Thomas Torelli interviewed a group of professionals of the highest level:

  • Franco Berrino, physician and epidemiologist, believer of the usefulness of a “correct” diet to avoid the occurrence of cancer, often illustrated in his books and in his frequent articles in major newspapers;
  • T. Colin Campbell, for over 40 years at the forefront of nutritional research. The sum of his work is represented by The China Study, the most comprehensive study on the relationship between diet and diseases whose author together with his son Thomas M. Campbell, who was also interviewed for this film;
  • Marilù Mengoni, biologist nutritionist and psychologist, creator of “Psicoalimentazione ®” method that works on connections between mind, body, spirit and our being part of “Gaia”;
  • Peter Singer, Australian philosopher and Professor of Bioethics, pioneer of the animal rights movement, of which he is still one of the most influential activists;
  • Vandana Shiva, scientist, environmentalist and Indian activist, known for its positions concerning the environment and economic development, has fought against GMOS (OGM), intensive farming, desertification, genetic engineering, biotechnology and bio-piracy;
  • Carlo Petrini, Gastronome, founder in 1989 of the international Slow Food movement aimed at safeguarding local cuisines and food quality;
  • Frances Moore Lappé, writer, environmentalist and activist who focuses on food policies and democracy;
  • Noam Mohr, Professor of physics, author of a series of reports on climate change widely reported by the media;
  • James Wildman, Campaigner and educator about compassion for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida.

In addition to buying this illuminating documentary on DVD, it is possible to organize public viewing screens or attend to those already in the program, which you can find on the site, where you will find more information about its genesis and its production.

Food ReLOVution